Deutz BF6M1013FC 52D cylinder liner piston set

The BF6M1013FC engine is usually seen in the deutz engine.As we all know,Deutz BF6M1013FC cylinder liner and piston set is most popular in the product when purchasing , and we are exporting this group yesterday.
What is including? Let’s learn it.

Cylinder liner 04253772 + Piston set 04501351 for the BF6M1013FC

And also the piston set inculding the piston pin. piston ring, circlip ,and piston ,4 parts completed the whole piston set 04501351.Looked at that picture.

No2.piston pin part number 04200139

No3.Circlip part number 01107830

No4.piston ring part number 04253389

No5.Piston 04255214

And all of those parts called 04501351.

After the introduction of the parts , do you well know the whole parts ?

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