How is the engine complete do before shipping ?

To be honest, the prices in the whole machine industry vary greatly. Some machines can cost around $2000 per machine, but our machines are far higher than this price. Many customers have big questions. Why is your machine so expensive for the same set of machines?
Next, I will explain the questions inside to you.
Firstly, for machines with lower prices, the accessories inside must be refurbished because you can’t even see the parts inside. Refurbished parts are 50% cheaper than brand new ones, but their lifespan is less than a year. Many customers receive machines that cannot function properly after one year. This is a customer we often encounter. Our machines, from some small screws to main accessories such as cylinder block, crankshaft, and camshaft, are all original factory parts. Before shipment, we will undergo 48 hours of testing before leaving the factory. That’s why our prices are expensive.