What are the advantages of Dalian Deutz?

  1. HFengines company has a world-class power platform. The leading products are C, E∕F and DEUTZ three product platforms, light, medium and heavy. The products are advanced, efficient, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. They are all kinds of medium and heavy-duty trucks and light vehicles. Ideal power for passenger cars and construction machinery.
  2. The company has established a world-class research and development system. The company adheres to the scientific and rigorous high-quality genes and leads the Chinese power industry to move toward European power standards.
  3. The company has a world-class manufacturing system. The adoption of the international leading digital manufacturing system has achieved the perfect integration of production efficiency and product quality.
  4. The company has established a world-class quality assurance system. Fully adopting world-class component development and testing, the whole machine performance and reliability test, the quality control of each component from product design to manufacturing process is realized, thus ensuring the product quality reaches the international level.
  5. The company has a world-class profit model. Products and services have the significant advantages of “three highs and one low”, namely high load capacity, high stability, high service and low consumption. Maximize customer profitability with the overall advantages of products and services.